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Shipping Abbreviations

Shipping, Export and Import Abbreviations

ANF-Arrival Notification Form
AB -Able Bodied Seaman
AFF -Advanced Fire Fighting
ARPA -Automatic Radar Plotting Aids
ATA Caarnet-Admission Temporaire (Temporary Admission)
ATS-Alternative Training Scheme For Marine Engineers
B.P.B-Bank Post Bill
B/R-Bills Receiveble
B/E-Bill of Exchange
B/L-Bill of Lading
B/L Ton-Bill of Lading Ton
B/P-Bill Payable
BAF -Bunker Adjustment Factor
BIMCO-Baltic and Intenational Maritim Council
Bl-Bale, Barral
BTM -Bridge Team Management
C&D -Collect and Delivery
C&E-Custom & Excise
C&F -Cost and Freight
C&I-Cost and Insurance
C.A.D-Cash Against Delivery
C.B.D-Cash Before Delivery
C.H-Custom House
C.I.A-Cash In Advance
C.I.F-Cost Insurance & Freight
C.I.F & C-Cost, Insurance, Freight & Commission
C.I.F & E-Cost, Insurance, Freight & Exchange
C.I.F.C & I-Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission & Interest
C.O.D-Cash on Delivery
C.O.S-Cash on Shipment
c.p.d.-Charters Pay Dues
C.R-Companies Risk
C.W.O-Cash with Order
C/A-Capital Account
C/B-Container Base
c/i-Certificate of Insurance
C/P-Charter Party, Custom of Ports
CABAF-Currency and Bunker Adjustment Factor
CAF-Currency Adjustment Factor
CFR-Cost & Freight
CFS-Container Freight Station
Ch. Fwd.-Charges Forward
Ch.ppd-Charges Prepaid
CHIEF-Customs Handling of Import and Exports Freight
CI-Certifiate of Insurance
CIF-Cost Insurance Freight
CKD-Completely Knocked Down
CMI-Comite Maritime International
COGSA-Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Com-Commercial, Commission
COMP -Competency
COT-Custmers Own Transport
COU-Clip on Unit
CPT-Carriage Paid To
Cr.-Credit, Creditor
CRN-Custom Register Number
CSC-Container Safty Convention
CT-Combined Transport
CTD-Combined Transport Document
CTF -Tanker Familiarization-Chemical Tankers
CTO-Combined Transport Operator
CY-Container Yard
D.A.-Document Against Acceptance
D.A.D-Document Against Deposition
D.D. and Shpg-Sock Dues and Shipping
D.F-Dead Freight
d.l.o-Despatch loading only
D.N-Debit Note
D.O-Delivery Order
D.P-Documents Against Payment Dock Warrant
d.p.-Direct Port
D.W-Dock Warrant
D/D-Demand Draft
D/P-Documents Against Payment
D/R-Deposite Receipt
D/W-Dock Warrant
DEPS-Departmental Entry Processing System
DGN-Dangerous Goods Note
DGS -Directorate General Of Shipping
E& O.E-Errors and Omissions Expected
E.O.M-End of Month
ECE-Economic Commission of Europe
EDI-Electronic Data Interchange
EDIFACT-EDI Administration Commerce and Transport
EEC-Europian Economic Community
EFA -Elementary First Aid
EFTA-Europian Free Trade Association
EHA-Equipment Handover Ageement
ERR -Engine Room Rating
ESC-Europian National Shippes Councils
ETA-Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC-Electronic Data Credit
ETD-Estimated Time of Depature
ETO -Electro-Technical Officer
Ex-Ship-Buyers resposible for charges after delivery at ship
EXW-Ex Works
F& D-Freight and Demurrage
F.B.H-Free on Board at Harbour
F.I.O-Free in and out
F.O.B-Free on Board
F.O.C-Free of Change
F.O.D-Free of Damage
F.O.R-Free on Rail
F.o.r-Free on rail
F.O.S-Free on Ship
F.o.s-Free on steamer
F.O.T-Free on Truck
F.T.W-Free Trade Wharf
FAK-Freight All Kind
FAS-Free Alongside Ship
FCL-Full Container Load
FEU-Forty Foot Equivalent Unit
FFI-For Further Istruction
FILO-Free in Liner Out
FIO-Free in and Out
FMC-Federal Maritime Commission
FOB-Free on Board
FOT-Free on Truck
FP & FF -Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
Frt Fwd-Freight Forward
Frt PP-Freight Prepaid
GATT-General Agreement on Tariffs
GCA-Gold Close Agreement
GMDSS -Global Maritime Distress & Safety System
GME -Graduate Marine Engineer
H/L-Heavy Lift
I.B-In Board
I.T-Immediate Transport
I/L-Import Licence
ICD-Inland Clearance Depot / Inland Container Depot
ICS -Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
IMDG Code-International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
IMO-International Maritime Organisation
IMO -International Maritime Organisation
ISM -International Safety Management
ISO-International Standardisation Organisation
ISO -International Standards Organization
L&D-Loss and Damage
L/C-Letter of Credit
L/I-Letter of Indemnity
LCHS -Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator
LCL-Less Than Container Load
LGTF -Tanker Familiarization-Liquified Gas Tankers
LIFO-Liner in Free Out
LO-LO-Lift On Lift Off
LT-Liner Terms
M.D-Months Date
M.I.P-Marine Insurance Policy
M.S.-Motor Ship
M.S.A-Merchant Shipping Act.
M.S.C-Manchester Ship Canal
M.T.-Motor Tanker
M.V.-Motor Vessel
M/P-Months After Payment
M/R-Mate's Receipt
MCC -Marine Communication Course
MEO -Marine Engineer Officer
MFA -Medical First Aid
MGMT -Management
MMO-Multi Model Operator
MS-Manuscript mail steamer
N.WT-Net Weight
N/T-New Terms
NCV -Near Coastal Voyages
NVOCC-Non Vessel Operating Container Carrier
NWKO -Navigation Watch Keeping Officer
O.P-Open Policy(Insurance)
O.R-Owner's Risk
O.R.D-Owner's Risk of Damage
O/H-Over Height Container
O/T-Old Terms
OBL-Original Bill of Lading
OOG-Out of Gauge
OPA -Oil Pollution Act (USA 1990)
OS -Ordinary Seaman
OTF -Tanker Familiarization- Oil Tankers
P&I Club-Protection and Indemnity Association
P.L-Partial Loss
P.O.D-Pay on Delivery
P/N-Promissory Note
PSC RB -Proficiency In Survival Craft & Rescue Boats
PSSR -Personal Safety & Social Responsibility
PST -Personal Survival Techniques
REVAL -Revalidation
RN -Release Note
ROC -Radar Operators Course
RP-Reply Paid
S.D.B.L-Sight Draft and Bill of Lading included
S.F.A-Shipping and Forwarding Agent
S/N-Shipping Note
SDR-Special Drawing Right
SHMS -Ship Handling/ Marine Simulator
SIM -Simulator
SOB-Shipped on Board
STPCT -Specialized Training Programme- Chemical Tankers
STPLGT -Specialized Training Programme-Liquified Gas Tankers
STPOT -Specialized Training Programme-Oil Tankers
T.L.O-Total Loss Only
T.Q-Trade Quality
T/A-Trade Acceptance
TEU-Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit
THC-Terminal Handling Charge
TIR-Transport International Routiers
TIR-Transport International Routier
TOTA -Training Of Trainers & Assessors
TTO-Throgh transport Operator
U/W-Under Writer
UC-Usual Contitions
UCP-Uniform Customs Terms
UNCITRAL-Unoted Nations Commission of International Trade Law
UNCTAD-Unoted Nations Conference of Trade and Development
UPGRAD -Upgradation
UT-Usual Terms
VCN-Vessel Call Number
VIA-Vessel Identification Advice
VRM -Vessel Resource Management
VSL -Vessel
W.B-Way Bill
W.G-Weight Guaranteed
W.R-War Risk
W/M-Weigt of Measurement
W/R-Warehouse Receipt
W/W-Warehouse Warant